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For the thousandth time, the “colonel” Ioana Dogioiu writes a text by dictation. A Stalinist text.

From the phrase “SRI retreat in the barracks” we can see the stench of Coldea’s carrion, who has not been good at all lately, doing what he knows better: to lie, to cheat, to threaten, to conspire, to set up things, to bring out hidden files, but especially, especially he is scared that his time has come and he will have to take responsibility for his deeds. Along with Kovesi.

An article that shows us where the deep state has driven Romania in these years: in the worst mockery of fundamental rights, the instigation of violation of the right to free movement, abusive intrusions into private life, the distortion of the law in dictatorial interest.

Here are two passages to understand how this tool of the deep state writes from Pescariu’s spa:

“The Criminal Procedure Code does not impose any specific limitation on the length of the ban on leaving the country established by the court, and the ECHR speaks, in terms of preventive measures, about the” reasonable duration “, that is, one related to the concrete circumstances of the case.”

“In addition, let’s put it straight. There was so much fuss about the “tactical” field of justice precisely because it made the acts of corruption more difficult during the trials.”

If Stan Mustata is now in jail, not in the robe, not sharing gift sentences for Dan Voiculescu, it is because there was a “tactical field” that made environmental interceptions which are not possible today in criminal investigations. Nor are the stakeouts.

From here we can see the hatred and the lack of any legal basis, we can see the inadmissible ignorance of the law and the North Korea’s style imprinted by Coldea and Kovesi.

The “Colonel”’s incitements to non-compliance with the law and constitutional order should be investigated by the SRI (which has a specific direction designated for such anti-national elements). Especially that, fortunately, Hellvig, the current head of the SRI, has nothing to share with the gang of those who led the SRI before and who are still feeding Dogioiu, with further information, illegally.

“Everyone in a large prison because this is what we want.”

That time is gone. Be ready to face the hatred of those who love freedom.

There is a special part of hell prepared for the country’s traitors like you.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish