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Elena Udrea made disclosures about the huge fortunes that the members of the group “We are the State” would possess. This group is the subject of the fiercest debate of the year.

Udrea said that they pursued their own interests when they were at the head of the secret services, proof being their possessions and the places where they spent their holidays.

When asked if she had any knowledge of the possibility that the leaders of the group “We are the State!”, Coldea, Maior and Kovesi, had a tendency to serve foreign services, Elena Udrea made a tough radiography.

“I think they served their own interests. They used this story to serve their own interests because here, in Romania, the battle was also on the money. These service bosses are very wealthy people. If we look at what fortune they possess and where they live, where they spend their holidays and what Mr. Coldea wears, you know I said at some point that he wears Vuitton – well, as a woman I can see.

There are people with a lot of money who involved in business. They decided, through the influence they had in court, which businessman must be arrested, which firm must be closed down, what firm must replace it. And we find that Romanian businessmen are arrested and foreign businessmen take their place. This suits them well. They have their firms, “said Udrea.



This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish