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Following the disclosures this evening, from Antena 3, I urgently call for the suspension of Laura Codruta Kovesi and all the other prosecutors involved.

The recordings reveal how two prosecutors create falsified evidence, instruct a witness to produce falsified evidence and invent facts.

The recordings made public today show how prosecutors’ facts and actions are approved by DNA Chief Laura Codruta Kovesi. These two prosecutors were publicly praised in the past by Laura Codruţ Kovesi for their “performance and activity”.

Over the past six months, there has been more evidence of this kind of criminal activity by DNA and Laura Codruta Kovesi in dozens of cases. These recordings highlight the methods, conspiracies and criminal activities of DNA as modus operandi.

I request their criminal investigation for the offenses committed (proven by these disclosures) and the necessary preventive measures to be taken to prevent them from removing traces or evading.

It will be necessary to be urgently investigated the activities of Coldea – Dumbrava team in these files, the involvement of DNA, SRI and SPP in these abuses. We’ll have to uncover the covered judges who have received orders, destroyed people, companies and destinies.

This mode of operation was a way of operating in hundreds of cases, in which there were thousands of political, personal, economic, and material interests.

The time has come for these prosecutors and others who committed crimes and abused to go to jail. And all those who politically supported them have to respond. These criminal prosecutors were appointed, no one ever chose them.

If in Romania we still had state leadership and political leadership, starting with tomorrow morning, all necessary measures to stop the abuses of prosecutors and to remedy the situation of the abusers should be undertaken as a matter of urgency!

The law must be equal to all!

Starting tonight, I will inform both the international press and our external partners about all these facts.




This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish