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As I told you yesterday, I will begin to present documents.

The national security mandates that I referred to last night, offer a prime example, one of the ways in which people in the media, business people and politicians have been intercepted in recent years.

In this case we are talking about the period 2009-2013.

The interceptions were made on the basis of the provisions of Law 535/2004 on the prevention and combating of terrorism and on the basis of Law 51/1991 on the national security of Romania.

These provisions allowed people to be intercepted for activities related to the terrorist phenomenon: “undermining, sabotage or any action aimed at the removal of the democratic institutions by force …” (art. 3, letter f) and “the initiation or establishment of organizations or groups or adhering to them or supporting them in any way … “(art. 3, letter I).

Moreover, in February 2014, after approving all requests to release the respective mandates from the position of Chief of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Ms Kovesi requested all these mandates to use them in corruption files, this time from the position of Chief of DNA.


How was that possible?

Who approved and what was the chain of hierarchy used in this case?

How much did the “terrorists” tracking cost?

How many political, media and business people were tracked?

About all this and many more soon.

Nothing lasts forever.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish