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I carefully analysed the CSM decision against me, according to which I “violated the independence justice”.

Watching the recording of the hearing on 31.10.2017, I noticed that Judge Lia Savonea raised the issue of a procedural flaw with regard to the report drawn up by the prosecutor Cornel Ioana, in the sense that it must have also been signed by a judge. The independence of justice is not just about prosecutors in Romania.

In reply, Judge Andreea Chiş mentioned that this report had been signed by a judge “and not any judge, but the chief inspector”. (I attached the video file and the transcript).

After reading the public information on the site, I discovered that the Report had not been signed by a judge (chief inspector), but it had been signed “for” by deputy chief inspector Gheorghe Stan, who is a prosecutor. The report bears his signature. (I attached the copy of the Report published by the site and another document for compliance).

If, in the highest court of justice in Romania, in the presence of persons of undisputed moral and professional probity such as the Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader, the head of the High Court – Judge Cristina Tarcea, the head of the CSM – Judge Mariana Ghena, one can lie in such a manner…

If in a public, widely mediatized situation one can lie in such a way…
Why did Judge Andreea Chis lie? What were her reasons?
This is eloquent for the state of justice in Romania. A prosecutor proposes my conviction and a prosecutor signs.

What chance does a regular citizen have when he is caught in the vices of the corridors of justice?

This situation, the despair of my proletarian obloquy, shows the despair of the Deep State. They are capable of publicly lying, deceiving, using all the tools against me.

From the moment of my first public disclosure I have militated for courage, justice, and honor.
I will continue the steps so that in this country courage, justice and honor overcome fear, injustice and cowardice.






This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish