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Although I have been busy lately organizing the civic initiative Romania 3.0 I will make time for Agent Stoica (I found out that he mentioned me again in his posts).

Let’s “uncover” the character. Ionel Stoica is the agent of Dumbrava and Coldea SRL.

Nothing illegal in this (the law allows, yet). But it is immoral and embarrassing to call yourself a “journalist,” and to receive the texts already written by email and to play the given role. It’s awkward to cash in for that, to take advantage of that.

Some bad news for Agent Stoica:

1. Dumbrava will leave. After Dumbrava’s departure, Agent Stoica will be removed from the network. The end of this parody is near.

2. One of the most important concerns of the SRI Commission is to investigate the relationships and messages between Dumbrava and his network. Here Agent Stoica, agent Alex Costache from TVR (paid twice from public money, from TVR and from SRI) and others will be seriously investigated. The results will be extremely interesting.

3. For the start I’ll show you one picture of a trip in the United States. From the picture below, we will begin with Ionel Stoica and Alex Costache. How will the American taxpayer feel when he finds out that he paid to “prepare” Dumbrava’s agents and to take them for rides them through America? Is that legal?

The relationship between intelligence services and journalists in this manner is not for the realization of national security. It is, in my opinion, one that reveals criminal offenses, influential trafficking, bribery, abuse of public office, etc. These agents must disappear from the Romanian public landscape. They destroyed the idea of the press, but also the concept of agent.


Finally, let’s remember who Stoica is. Ionel Stoica. It’s ridiculous.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish