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Photo and article Mediafax

A piece of news with a devastating impact passed yesterday almost unnoticed. Mediafax reports that in 2015 three members of the Islamist State terrorist organization crossed Romania to join Jihad in Syria. One of them was ready to return and coordinate terrorist attacks in Western Europe.

The most serious action of Coldea SRL was the misappropriation of the service from its constitutional purpose.

In the overall ensemble of our allies’ security systems, SRI has a very important place. Perhaps the most important thing is to prevent and effectively combat terrorist threats.

Coldea diverted constitutional interests and service resources for his personal interests: political power, PR combinations, underground games of influence, a lot of cash from his home businesses, holidays with politicians (Sebastian Ghita’s case is NOT singular; soon we will find out about others and other exotic destinations), “well-cooked” pigs. But most of all, a lot of power he is playing with even today.

During the time when three Israeli operatives went unnoticed through Romania, the Deep State was ordering TV shows and series with criminals and handcuffs.

If any terrorist operative goes through Romania (with or without a local facilitation network) and commits an assault in the West, the allies will not forgive us.

If any terrorist operation went through Romania to a conflict zone and committed an attack on allied soldiers, the partners will not forgive us.

I can assure you of that. I know what I’m talking. We cannot fool our partners with damages, stories, literary indictments and media blunders.

They must respond:

Coldea Florian, Cozma Sorin Gabriel, Stan Adrian Viorel (those who ran the anti-tero destiny) must be held urgently responsible for this huge failure.

They must urgently respond what measures and activities they carried out and which led to this failure. The situation should be analyzed and concrete measures should be taken so as the mechanism which did not function to be replaced or improved urgently.

The SRI Parliamentary Control Commission must be informed (in the USA, operational failures in the anti-terrorist area are always the subject of the Congress and the Senate’s emergency briefing) and must investigate these issues.

From the data I have, after Coldea SRL departure, huge efforts are being made by the new leadership of the service and by the anti-terrorist units to solve the problems left behind by Coldea and his acolytes.

This effort must be encouraged and must continue.

It is not only the common interests of the Allies, it is the lives of the Romanians.

You will not find the service’s achievements in the anti-terrorist fight in tedious reports or in the mixed teams of the tactical field. They are hard to get and they require tenacious and continuous work. For the safety of the Romanians.

To hand in notes to a judge is easy but to get a terrorist operative is hard.


This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish