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1. I have seen the statements of the DIICOT chief: I sadly admit, he is lying.

2. Today I have made a statement for the first time. I have told DIICOT what I will publicly say, too:

– I do not recognize the allegations.

– I’m innocent.

– I was arrested on the order of the deep state.

– There is NO evidence in my file against me.

I’ll soon detail all the falsehoods in this file.

3. The file is not blocked because of me. I have made 10 requests for evidence to clarify the allegations, none have been admitted by DIICOT.

4. Because the only institution I trust in this case is the Israeli Police, I have asked today two simple things:

– DIICOT to ask Lahav (the special unit) whom from the Romanian state leadership Meir Dagan contacted in this case;

– Who are Ms Kovesi’s emissaries who negotiated with BlackCube from 1 February to 1 July 2016?

5. I had to file a complaint to see the file after 6 months. Yesterday I received the file.

I am telling you that hundreds of thousands of euros have been spent on my pursuit and my family right from the first day of my release from detention, December 2016, until today.

6. Flagrant abuses have been committed in the file.

The following week I will inform the Judicial Inspection of the SCM and Ministry of Justice on these issues, including the manner of notification in this file and the involvement of general Pahonţu and the informative structure of SPP.

I will also refer to the illegal activities carried out in the file by the structures under the command of SRI Director Deputy Adrian Ciocârlan:

– Breaking the seals;

– Illegal access to the evidence in the file;

– Illegal access to computer media and many other offenses.

7. I think Mr. Horodniceanu is in a serious incompatibility: I mean the top secret note presented by the general Dumbrava to the former DIICOT chief, Alina Bica, in November 2013.

A note that was also sent to Ms Kovesi, referring to suspicions of corruption over prosecutor Horodniceanu and his family.

The note exists. Witnesses exist. Following this note, we need to clarify what DNA has done with this information.

He is incompatible because prosecutor Horodniceanu is directly interested in taking actions in the BlackCube file in favor of the witness Kovesi and his family in order to protect his own public position.

According to the Code of Conduct, any prosecutor is obliged to abstain when he knows that his prestige could be affected by personal interests and may damage justice.

The consequences are visible, since April 2017 the witness Kovesi has not even been disturbed to give explanations about her public statements (millions of euros, businessmen, politicians she knows about).

I cannot wait to be sued at the SCM.

I have just begun.


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This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish