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We will begin today to explain a mechanism that I have seen in its entirety in recent years, but to really understand it we will look at it step by step.

The mechanism consists in “notifying” the SRI, co-opting the DNA prosecutor, gathering informative “evidence” and delivering it to the prosecutor’s table.

The prosecutor initiates detentions and preventive measures, introducing the file on the corridor of justice, having the support of the media corridor. He is neither interested in the outcome nor in the completion of the file, but merely in destroying the target by turning it into a “criminal”.

Let’s decrypt together the steps in the declassified SRI note. This note, dated 30.06.2014, is a response to a DNA-specific request dated 07.05.2014.

Step 1

“On 14.11.2012, the analysis carried out at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Economic Security” reveals “an extensive fraud mechanism and the carrying out of acts / acts of corruption, activities that could damage the state budget by over 200 million lei annually”.

SRI decides the time has come for a file. They have gathered data and decides it is time to talk to the DNA.

Step 2

“The checks revealed that the first analyzes in this respect, carried out with the participation of the cadres of the institution, were coordinated by the prosecutor Cazacu Radu Mihăiţă on 28.01.2013”, the meeting taking place at the DNA headquarters.

The way of work shows how the SRI officers used to go to the DNA headquarters and, without any official referral, used to determine the opening of a criminal file.

In order to formalize the operational team, the prosecutor opened a file, 19/2013, and sent on February 5, 2013 a strictly secret data request to the SRI.

Step 3

Further, the mixed binomial team began to work and on 26.04.2013 obtained interception authorizations and “provided information support to clarify the facts”.

Step 4

On October 28, 2013, dozens of people were arrested, hundreds of firms closed, thousands of people remained on the road, the DNA prosecutors went out and reported damage of over 100 million euros. And then silence.

We are on October 2, 2017, and suspicions against these people have not even come before a judge.

In order to decipher the steps of the indictments, let’s note that the SRI reminds the DNA, by the Note, that “the inspections carried out by the Special Investigation Commission of the SRI highlighted that the indictment of prosecutor Nicolae Eugenia Angela , prepared by the DNA on 17.12.2013, resulted in a number of issues.

In conclusion, the SRI “knew” in detail the indictment in this file and indicated “aspects of interest” in the DNA indictment.

Deciphering the steps of involvement in home searches, SRI also reminds the DNA, by the Note: “on the occasion of the home search on 28.10.2013, at home of the defendant Nicolae Eugenia Angela, documents were identified and raised on the criminal files …”.

The above issues undoubtedly certify the direct involvement of the SRI in the conduct of criminal prosecution, which was officially confirmed by the reports in 2008 and 2013.

The note that I am presenting to you today shows, however, a way of working and an unconstitutional involvement of intelligence services in the work of criminal investigation bodies. There is no text of the law to allow these abusive activities that have led to violations of fundamental rights of citizens.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish