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Just over a week ago, former Colonel Daniel Dragomir advanced perhaps the most stupefying accusation of DNA lately: that 11 members of the SCM of a total of 19 would be discreetly blackmailed by Laura Kovesi with criminal files opened in rem.

Dragomir made these allegations after 11 out of 19 members of the SCM had voted in favor of the decision that the former SRI colonel had infringed, through his positions, the independence and the image of justice.

“I sadly realize it is already a practice of PFA Kovesi who uses the SCM to block any attempt to unmask some abuses and illegalities.

I have five questions for the 11 SCM members:

  1. Have you had any discussions, pressures, formal or informal, official or private contacts with DNA or secret services on this decision?
  2. When, how, where, who were the participants, in what context, have you documented or recorded these operative contacts?
  3. If the notable current DNA prosecutors (“castle queens”) have publicly and openly expressed themselves against me prior to the decision, does this seem to you to be a state of law and the independence of justice?
  4. If openly and publicly, these DNA prosecutors have been supported by high secret service officials, does this seem to you to be a state of law and the independence of justice?
  5. If you are aware of files in rem that have been opened against you at DNA, when were they open and in what context?”

For a week, there has been no reaction to these questions from the SCM.

But there is a huge incident that seems to be a spectacular confirmation of Dragomir’s disclosures.

Judge Evelina Oprina, a member of the SCM, reported on TVR’s show Romania 9 (on 9 November 2017) moderated by Ionuţ Cristache that the SCM judges’ vote on the opinion on the laws of justice was changed surprisingly, overnight, although it had been initially agreed unanimously.

In the informal meeting in advance, an agreement was reached on the law package on justice, according to what the SCM judge said. In the formal meeting of the day, 10 judges changed their vote.

“By the time of the negative opinion, I worked up late and there was unanimity on the proposals of the law package on justice. Most of the proposals submitted by Tudorel Toader were unanimous, with observations. We were all convinced that the vote was a favorable one with observations. I do not know what happened overnight. I was surprised by this negative vote that went overnight … “Evelina Oprina said live on TV, according to DCNews.

The judge said that the laws of justice were necessary and their elaboration had started a few years before even from the CSM. They had been taken in turn by Raluca Pruna, Florin Iordache and finally by Tudorel Toader. She said that even today she did not realize what had made her colleagues in the SCM change their minds overnight and change their vote.

If the 10 members of the SCM who changed their vote overnight in the case of the laws of justice are among the 11 members of the SCM who gave a hard-to-believe verdict in Dragomir’s case and about whom he says are blackmailed by the DNA, it means that justice in Romania has a maximum problem.

If there is will in this regard, verification can be easily done. (article by Bogdan Tiberiu Iacob)



This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish