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Whose country? SRL’s country?

I will begin today, after a busy day, to comment on SRL Coldea’ lies exposed in the interview at the SRL’s working point, called

“There are internal and external forces that would like Romanian services to be inhibited and withdrawn in the barracks, so that some may achieve their plans and objectives that have nothing to do with Romania’s interests.”

Insidious as we know him, SRL Coldea would like to tell us that I act in the name of a foreign power. Probably the Great Satan Russia.
He wants to tell the embassies the following:  “pay attention, Dragomir is the Russians’ man.”

This is new.

Well, to say it, to say explicitly, to clearly indicate with subject and predicate.
He is the absolute holder of millions of information.
What stops him?
To say clearly and bluntly, as a general lieutenant, whose internal and external forces I belong.
If not, keep quiet.

Was he decorated by the CIA? Good for him!
Was I decorated by the CIA? Good for me!
Was he in Seychelles and Tuscany and at Disneyland for the CIA? No, not for the CIA.
Was I on the battlefield among bullets and did I stand under the mortar fire for the anti-terror struggle? I was.
Was I in Iraq? I was.
Did Coldea come to Iraq? Yes. In the end, for the pictures, like party activists.

SRL Coldea, after thousands of offenses (criminal, offender, etc.) that he threw in my head through his working points and his influence, gives the final attack. I’m ….a traitor now.
He attacked my family,   DNA took my children to kindergarten and school, took all my pictures and memories in my house …
But here Coldea exceeded the limit. He doubts my patriotism.

I really fought for this country. He just pretended.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish