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I have just noticed with great pleasure that Mrs. Kovesi continues to use DNA for personal interest and she filed a complaint against me at the Judicial Inspection from the Supreme Council of Magistracy (source: ).

I want to mention the fact that DNA prosecutors are not justice, so I did not attack any judicial independence, the prosecutors being part of the executive power…
The way in which DNA has been identified with the idea of justice is illegal and against constitutional provisions.

As in the case of Sebastian Ghita, it is very predictable. Whenever asked by the media about my disclosures, she will respond that she does not comment on the statements of a defendant (apropos, acquitted for five crimes by a court of law – that is, justice that protected my life against DNA abuses) and will say that she has notified the Inspection that will investigate this case.

I’m not Sebastian Ghita. I can hardly wait to go to the Judicial Inspection to discuss about abuses and corridors, about many others.
And when I go there, I will ask what has happened to my intimation in the case of the judge Ana Maria Tranca, from the Bucharest Court of Appeal, who, while I was arrested in the BlackCube case (at the central arrest), gave me an arrest warrant in absentia for unlimited duration.

Because I can give her a professional piece of advice, not at all friendly. Never, but never, when you attack me, do not quote from me. The rule of the game says it never quotes from the opponent.
Why? Because you have just promoted the most important message of pre-arranged indictment abuse through the DNA release. Hotnews and DIGI 24 have spread my message intensively, all MsKovesi’s supporters have read my point.

I am not Sebastian Ghita and I will not run away. I am and I will be here.

PS: I’ve heard all kinds of scenarios in the public space. No, Mr. Sorin Rosca Stanescu. I am not afraid. I have been very, very busy.


This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish