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The most serious form of corruption in today’s Romania is the use of law enforcement or justice institutions for personal or political purposes.

In 2 years of social networking between Dumbravă and Ionel Stoica, the latter sent dozens of messages regarding cases, files and legal actions, which were the subject of interaction with the SRI General.

Today, 4 examples.

  1. Ionel Stoica posts a list of cases before the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Dumbravă appreciates the list and makes a comment through an eloquent gif “Mario sends a message”. It is important to keep in mind the files, because we are talking about metadata, to follow the High Court’s panels of judges in these files and the decisions. The list of these files and the interaction with Dumbravă is extremely important because it marks a direct involvement of the SRI General in the cases before the High Court. The list of the “blessed” files by Dumbravă: Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, Dan Sova, Ovidiu Puţura, Sebastian Ghita, Victor Ponta, Gabriel Oprea and the heads of DGIPI and – very important – Puiu Popoviciu. Dumbravă was involved together with other SRI cadres in all these files. These files are the result of mixed SRI / DNA teams.

  2. Directly related to the posting on the businessman Puiu Popoviciu (file mentioned above), Ionel Stoica expresses satisfaction and ridicules the former FBI director Louis Freeh. Dumbravă appreciates.
  3. Like his network comrade, Alex Costache, and on the same day, September 19 (observe the messages in the mirror, the subject is given), Ionel Stoica foresees an explosive appeal in my case filed at the Bucharest Court of Appeal. The posting is appreciated by both Dumbravă and George Dorel Matei (judge at the Bucharest Court of Appeal). We can mention art. 99 paragraph 1 of Law 303/2004 on the status of judges and prosecutors consisting of “interference in the activity of another judge or prosecutor”, my case pending before the court where George Matei works. George Dorel Matei is known as a close friend of General Dumbrava. Coincidentally, George Matei is the judge mentioned by Ovidiu Puţura as being visited during his trial by…. General Dumbravă.

  4. Ionel Stoica distributes an article against me on the site, an article written under pseudonym by Virgil Burla (another member of the network). The same Dumbrava gives the signal of appreciation.

Illegality has become normality in today’s Romania.

These social media messages, such unremitting interactions between a SRI official and journalists, judges, referring to court files, are serious violations of the status of military cadres, incidental laws, and cast suspicions about the involvement of the SRI in the act of justice.

There will still be concrete evidence of abuses and violations of the Constitution. Both the SRI control commission and the public will have the opportunity to discover one of the most important parallel networks of the parallel state.

Until today, the CSM (SCM) has been silent on the statements made by Dumbravă to the Control Commission and on these disclosures.

Besides his “legal opinions”, why did Dumbrava need to keep in touch with magistrates through social media networks?

Throughout Romania’s history, lists with files, with people sent to “executioner plots”, have existed. It is time for these practices to cease and the constitutional order to be restored.

PS: On Friday, 24.11.2017, I formally requested the SRI’s control commission to investigate the possibility of obtaining urgently all data on General Dumbrava’s Facebook account closed by him to clear the evidence of his illegal activities and also from the accounts of his network members.

As professional advice, I would suggest that General Dumbrava stop using the two other accounts he has, or immediately notify the management of the service of the work carried out on those accounts.

Any “parallel” networking activities in the past and present will provide evidence to the Commission as well as external fora interested in the illegal involvement of General Dumbrava in the act of justice.

The question remains: at what episode will the SRI’s leadership decide to take the legal measures that are required in order not to pull the service into the biggest scandal in its history?

# donotbeafraid

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish