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Today I was summoned again to DIICOT to extend, for the fifth time, abusively, the measure of judicial control in the BlackCube file.

Who are the ones working for the deep state in this file?

You should know them, look for them, see how and why they work in this way:

Prosecutors Marius Crivat, Silvia Popa, Ioana Albani and Daniel Horodniceanu.

I will soon talk about their connections to the Soros and Deep State networks. About how SRI and SPP involved in this file.

I have been under “preventive measures” since September 13, 2016 when I was arrested in the BlackCube file to satisfy PFA Kovesi and Coldea SRL and to keep my mouth closed. I have not been sued yet.

They are good at accusations and arrests. It becomes harder when it comes to evidence.

They are also good at picking up children’s iPads and cartoons CDs, it becomes very difficult when it comes to revealing the truth.

For them, human freedom is a luxury. For them, restricting rights is a game.

The deep state is afraid of free people.

The deep state knows only to restrict rights, to imprison, to handcuff, to put pressure, to threaten, to “behead”.

I will undoubtedly continue my struggle up to the end, so that no Romanian citizen should be restricted their rights and freedoms at the pleasure of those who temporarily have functions.

Functions given by Services or Soros in vain.


This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish