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Dan Adamescu can’t get rid of the DNA, not even dead! On September 25, he was was summoned in a case, though he had died in the penitentiary earlier this year. The judge at the Court of Appeal overlooked two things: prosecutors insist on judging a deceased person, and they did not send him the indictment when Dan Adamescu was in a coma.

Businessman’s lawyers have consistently called for the termination of Dan Adamescu’s case in the Astra maladministration case. They demanded this because the businessman died in January. The judge rejected the request, however, considering it unfounded.

“We call for the termination of the criminal trial. The magistrate dealing with this file – be it a judge or a prosecutor – must have the criminal proceedings terminated. You can pronounce on 346, not taking into account that he is deceased, but the solution would be unlawful because the defendant Adamescu was not given the indictment, “Cătălin Breazu, businessman’s lawyer, according to

Dan Adamescu’s son said, one month after his father’s death, that what happens in justice no longer counts on humanity.

“How can you ask a man to buy his health? How can you tell him that if you put a bail of 49 lei, I will let you be operated? What is the cost of a man’s life? I do not understand this. It’s inhuman. He felt very clearly that what authorities were following was actually a death, an assassination, “he said.

Adamescu’s lawyers also claim that prosecutors violated the Criminal Prosecution Code because the defendant was not given the indictment. In other words, by not issuing the indictment, I argue, they did not grant the right to defense.

Dan Adamescu died on January 24, 2017, when he was in detention.


This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish