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Iancu Nicolae Boulevard
The car used by FLORIAN COLDEA
The car used by FLORIAN COLDEA’s wife

Jandarmeriei Street
The car used by FLORIAN COLDEA
The car used by FLORIAN COLDEA’s wife

SRI(Romanian Intelligence Service) parking lot
The cars used by FLORIAN COLDEA

Ladies and gentlemen, you may wonder about the significance of these cars used by the one whose name was written on screen at the time we showed these cars. Because you may well remember that moment, evoked also by Mr. Victor Ponta, with the charring of the pig. Everyone wondered if the episode really took place. Some people said it did.Who was there, and especially where it happened, where was the place where the pig was charred.Some of those people really participated in this event, which looks like the TV series, „We are the State.”

You will watch, ladies and gentlemen, a material based on very interesting pictures and photos of some cars used by the characters you’ve seen on this cover, constantly, in some very interesting locations. And you will see, after watching this material, that maybe what you knew about T14 was incomplete, maybe T14 was actually somewhere else than you thought it was until recently, that is, in the former Turgheniev street. But let’s watch the cars identified during a very exciting year, 2013, in these very sensitive places, where some very interesting meetings took place.

2013, Iancu Nicolae Boulevard, Pipera


An imposing property belonging toSRI

The cars used by General Florian Coldea and his wife were seen entering and leavingthe courtyard not once a month, but every day for months. Credible sources say that it was here, on IancuNicolae Blvd., where the Coldea family actually lived and that this was, in fact, the famous T14 unit. We only found out this year that in 2013, for Christmas, a pig was killed at T14. And aroundthe pig gathered General Florian Coldea, the current head of the DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate), Laura CodrutaKoveşi, and the current PSD (Social-Democratic Party)President and Chamber of Deputies President, LiviuDragnea;they all spent time together and had fun. Antena 3 sources statethat the charring of the pigon Christmas 2013 actually took place at General Coldea’s home, from which we deduce that the Coldea family had the role of host of the traditional Christmas dinner. And as the host is the one who sends invitations, we also deduce who were the friends, buddies or acquaintances ofthe Coldea family.

The former Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, a former friend of Liviu Dragnea, still a friend of Sebastian Ghiţă and the one due to whom General Coldea officially resigned from the position of SRI head, told us what these people talked about at the party.

“There were many meetings, I saw that Mr. Dragnea forgot about them, but there are photographs, that SRI also has, there were several meetings at K2 and at T14, in various locations of the SRI, where Mr. Dragnea, rightly so in my opinion, was telling the two that he was innocent in the Referendum dossier. And, as you saw, they helped him.”
„This crap of Mr.Dragnea’s about the cube system,comes from a man who met with Mrs. Koveși and with Mr. Coldea more often than me, and who talked about his dossier, the Referendum dossier.
– Officiallyor unofficially? At a tennis game, at a coffee, where was this discussed?
– At tennis games, at coffee, at the charring of the pig, during activities that Mr.Dragnea enjoys.”

Antena 3 sources show that these are Coldea family’s cars. In the same year, 2013, and the same month, February, Coldea family’s cars were also seen on Jandarmeriei Street, where the famous General had his office. On the same days, the cars used by the Coldea family were also seen in the official SRI parking lot on Libertăţii Boulevard.

About Florian Coldea we knew he was living on Calaraşi Street, in a 2-room apartment provided by SRI, i.e. the employer. That’s what the General wrote in his wealth statement. But even about the apartment on Călăraşi Street, we found out earlier this year that Florian Coldea did not own one apartment, but two, in the same building. A 2-room apartment on the 3rd floor and a 3-room apartment on the 7th floor. Moreover, since 2008, he had also become the owner of the building’s 86 sq m terrace. But these properties were probably not enough.

Interesting enough, throughout 2013, these cars used by General Coldea and his wife were seen both in the parking lot at the SRI headquarters and in this location which you see on the satellite, Iancu Nicolae Street. Our sources say that actually T14 was the name of this SRI-owned property, and that it comes from the former name Tunari, not Turgheniev, which is located in the area where the odious dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu resided.

Well, here you will also see two tennis courts.This is very interesting. Our sources also say that these courts were built after in T14, sorry, in Turgheniev, it wasn’t possible to play tennis anymore. Do you know what’s really interesting in this story? It is that when you enter the street, from Iancu Nicolae Blvd., to get to the center of the property, the first house on the right is the one in which Tudor Postelnicu lived before 1989. Tudor Postelnicu, the former head of the Securitate and Minister of the Interior who, as those of you who were born before the Revolution might remember from TV, was a famous moron,he was brought to court and declared „I was a moron.”

So in this area is the old house where Postelnicu lived, and our sources say the Coldea family lived somewhere on the right, behind Postelnicu’s house, in this T14 unit on the Iancu Nicolae Street. In 2013, „The Year of the Pig” so to speak, not according to the Chinese calendar, but due to the charred pig party, as it resulted from the testimonies of those who keep saying that this thing really happened. So, in the Year of the Pig, 2013, these cars were often seen on these routes, it was almost a ritual. I hope we have a telephone connection with Mr. Daniel Dragomir, a former SRI colonel. Mr. Dragomir has been questioned several times by this SRI control commission.

– Good evening, Mr. Dragomir!
– Good evening, Mr. Dumitrescu!
– Of course we are very interested in the things that have happened and of course I’m interested if it could ever be officially established who took part in the meeting and when they met, maybe even if they met at the locations presented in the pictures and what they talked about. I mean, do you think there are in Romania, as it is now, mechanisms that could totally clarify the matter?
– Mr. Dumitrescu, there are two things I would like to say to you before answering your question. First of all, from the data I have, Operation Pig took place not only in 2013 but also in 2014.Secondly, if you look at the top of the photo, or, as we say, in the (inaudible)part of the image, you will notice a residential compound made of villas.So there is a residential compound on the left side of the T14 villa, used for a few years as the home of the Coldea family. That residential compound is, or was, inhabited by diplomats working at the American Embassy. And that residential compound was inhabited even before the Embassy was relocated from the headquarters on Batiștei to the headquarters on Băneasa, as well as after the relocation. What I can tell you is that the pig operations in that yard, that’s what I can tell you, have caused a lot of smiles in the neighbors living beyond the fence.
– That high-end residential compound that you were talking about in previous sentences.
– Exactly.
– But I want to ask you, because you said that operation Pig took place in 2014 as well. Who were the protagonists?
– All I can tell you is that it took place. Concerning the protagonists, lately we’ve noticed a period of higher transparency of some of the characters or politicians. I would like this transparency to continue, because we all want transparency, and to see who used the location, when, how and in what context.
– So, I’m thinking this: in the end, people who are also politicians are beginning to talk about these meetings, without bringing new evidence; we have these pictures showing the route of the cars used by Mr. Coldea and his wife. Ok, it’s fine. We don’t know to what extent, right now, the Romanian state and its institutions are capable of establishing if unconstitutional arrangements were made at those meetings, who participated and when and how. That’s why I’m saying. I mean it’s helpful of you to tell us that that’s a very interesting headquarters and that yes, the pig party took place in 2014. By the way, pig party 2014 took place at the same location?
– Yes, at the same location.
– At the same location in 2014. With the same characters or almost the same characters?
– In any case, the pig wasn’t the same one.
– I get it. I do not think reincarnation can be done successively every year after you char the pig.
– But, on the other hand, I remain convinced, I still hope that the current leadership of the SRI will continue the process of transparency and will [inaudible]in their place and, moreover, at SRI location there is an internal protection structure that should have been or should be held accountable for the things that happened at those locations. As you showed images with the cars entering and exiting the T14 location…
– These images are from 2013…
– Exactly, I think that SRI can answer these questions, at this point in time, with the information it has.
– So you’re telling us that there is an internal protection structure that most certainly knew about these meetings. That’s what I understand from what you’re saying.
– Compulsorily.
– And that if the members of the internal protection unit of that time were questioned by the Commission, they could give details.
– Not necessarily the heads of unit, I’m referring to the fact that this Commission, together with the SRI management can find a solution to clarify the things that happened during that time.
– But now, because, or course, we’re talking about some things that happened not so very long ago, I mean 2013-2014, that’sa time span of 3-4 years. I suspect that many are still holding the same positions in the SRI. Of course, some heads of departments have been changed, but I don’t think that those very important structures, like the protection unit, changed. Do you think there is, how should I say this, the will to go all the way to the end, or are there some boundaries that will never be pushed?
– Well the boundaries are the legal and constitutional limits. To the extent that the law has been broken and what I have told the Commission is exactly this, that the law has been broken, abuses have been committed, and the Constitution has been violated, the Service has the duty, through internal mechanisms, to make available to both the Parliament and the criminal investigation bodies, all the data it holds.
– Do you think that during these 3 or 4 years, someone tried to erase the tracks? To sanitize pictures, to remove the traces that would have led to these places where this type of less Orthodox meetings took place?
– Mr. Dumitrescu, I will give some bad news to Mr. Coldea and his cronies, he should have known that these tracks cannot be erased. And that SRI has been and continues to be made up of very well trained professionals. And I assure you that these tracks will remain and that they exist.
– Okay, now I’d like to come back to the news because, of course, it’s just a mere coincidence that we broadcast these things, we were going to broadcast them anyway even if today’s protests hadn’t happened, but we broadcast them in the second hour, as we were broadcasting live events. I saw a post in which you foreshadow what will happen next week. And in that post it would appear that some dossiers are being disclosed and brought to light. Are you relying on some information or just on how things have happened so far?
– I am relying on a very attentive analysis which is, of course, validated by information.
Lately, things have been happening that foreshadow what will happen in the next few weeks, meaning what I called the counterattack of the „forces of darkness”, so to speak. Mrs. Koveși will retaliate, trying to show anyone who has or had the intention to uncover certain abuses and to those who were together with her, be it in the living room, be it at the pig, party that she’s still the one who can put people in jail.  In the post, you’ll notice, I’ve also mentioned something else. There are things that have not been said yet. I assure you and continue to believe that things will be said about certain time periods and events that will make the living room event seem like a piece of cake, so to speak.
– So you’re saying that there are worse things than the living room event which that Commission investigates,such as verifying what happened in 2009 at the election?
– I can’t establish a degree of severity…
– Well you told me that that would be like a piece of cake compared to what will follow or might be uncovered.
– Exactly. I find all the violations of the Constitution to have the same degree of seriousness or weight. But the episode with the living room took place in 2009, what we called the beginning of the Parallel State. But, as you know, many years have passed since 2009, and during this time, the parallel state was operating with full power.
– Thank you very much, Mr. Daniel Dragomir.

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