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Mr. Ponta’s statement at UM Digi 24, where else:

“We bring to the SRI commission all sorts of bandits, underworld people, who should normally be taken to jail. It’s a chaos from which we all lose, “said Victor Ponta at Digi 24.

I have avoided making political statements since the beginning of my September 11th public release.

I will try to keep myself abstaining, but such statements, and especially, given by Mr. Ponta are beginning to shake my zen more and more seriously. On the contrary, the SRI Commission is making good efforts to discover the serious abuses and violations of the Constitution ….

My patience also has a limit. Especially that, for example, I am not the one who was “by chance” on holiday in Turkey with Maior and Coldea a few months ago.

So I resume a theme from my former job: easy with the piano on the stairs, Mr. Ponta.

This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish