Month: December 2017

– I followed a little the PR interview given by the Chief Prosecutor of DIICOT, Daniel Horodniceanu, on RTV channel

A short reply (at least here): – To stop public lies. The second, I repeat, the second rogatory commission from Israel arrived at DIICOT in October 2017. We have nothing to expect. It came in October and it’s a mess. – He can tell publicly what he personally discussed with me on September 13, 2016 at the time of my detention at the DIICOT headquarters. – I can say publicly the “offer” that prosecutor Crivat did to me at the time of my detention. – My detention, arrest and this file is a law abuse that have lasted for...

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Poland proud and sovereign nation, right and determined nation

It is our time to show that the Romanians are people who defend their principles and democracy. Along with you, Romania 3.0 will succeed.20

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The anti-corruption leaders from the spa

Despair, your name is Ioana Ene Dogioiu. Code name Spa. Mixed orders on unit, fake news, lies and nonsense.   I think she conceives these texts at the spa. Which spa? Don’t you know? The anti-corruption leader has been spending her time for years at the spa at Pescariu. There, quietly, she fights corruption. I would be curious to show us at least an invoice or a receipt as she paid his subscription. If she ever paid it. In other words, you go out on the street and fight for her lies, while she calmly watches you on TV...

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Second phase

After three months when the deep state has used all its forces, we are entering the second phase of our battle with Securitate 2.0. On Sunday, December 17, 2017, at 11:00, I invite the media to Bucharest Intercontinental Hotel, Fortuna Hall, for a press conference.  ...

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The corridors of justice. Securitate 2.0. easily maneuvers the files

Exclusivity. Shock. Breaking news. I was telling you on October 11 that a judge was judging for the fifth time in my BlackCube case. Today, at 12:30, who will be judging again in BlackCube? Shock. Breaking news. Out of dozens of Judges of the Bucharest Tribunal … ..Elena Burlan Puşcaş. Sixth time. Mockery, justice of the corridors, Dumbrava is still in power, this is Romania today. Later edit. Just as someone says it is better at 6/49 lottery, six times the same judge to judge my preventive measure is a record. They do not even think. Brainless Securitate. Give...

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Camelia Bogdan and the deep state. The magistrates’ responsibility. A joke?

Today’s decision of the High Court on Camelia Bogdan says: If an influential neighbor moves your fence and goes to court, it is legal and proper if the judge (while judging you) receives a kowtow from your neighbor. Will you imagine this in the United States? Is this a state of law? No, it is not. This is the deep state that perverts everything. Law, common sense, fairness, justice, everything. Tomorrow, Coldea will return, the day after it will be Negulescu – Orange and we will say … so what? Is this the country we want to live in?...

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Dan Adamescu’s death

Nobody takes responsibility for anything, there is no state of law, let alone human dignity, and nobody cares. Lately, we have received credible information about the conditions in which Dan Adamescu died on January 23, 2017. The situation in question would be part of a more complicated operation of the deep state, meaning the involvement of political factors, intelligence services and DNA in Adamescu’s case. In view of these issues, we have notified the SRI’s parliamentary control commission to clarify the involvement of senior SRI officials in this case. Even today there is no report on the conditions of...

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A great victory of justice

Today, in our appeal at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, the court allowed the Romanian Constitutional Court to refer to one of the abusive provisions of GEO 18/2016 given by Ciolos and Pruna “like thieves”, in the summer of 2016: “12/12/2017 Estimated time: 10:30 Panel of judges: S1 C2 A Solution type: Postpone the cause Solution in brief: Based on art. 29 para. 4 of Law 47/1992, the Constitutional Court is seized with the exception of unconstitutionality of the provisions of art. 421 par. 2 l. a second sentence of the Criminal Procedure Code, exception raised by the appellant...

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The laws of justice

As the “changes” to “magistrates’ responsibility” look like – that is a nice disaster nicely wrapped and the fact that the Judicial Inspection remains at the SCM (CSM) – all the law story begins to smell very badly. More detailed legal explanations can be found at Ingrid Mocanu. I’m not good at legal. But what I can tell you is that it is the people who will lose from these underground political games This virus of abuse does not discriminate: it infects both men and women, rich and poor, left and right people, village and town people. We are...

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