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On November 11, 1995, a great senior who endured the fierce abuses of the dictatorship passed to the righteous and eternal. Corneliu Coposu. Today, Corneliu Coposu would have made a union in the country, not a division. He was handcuffed, he would have understood the best “today’s handcuffs”: metallic – on the hands, but also the metallic ones on the spirit.

Would the “Deep State” have existed today with the senior near us? I do not believe.

About Negotiations:

After my first public disclosure on September 11, 2017, after I revealed to Victor Ciutacu along with Master Cristoiu the “Deep State”, a kind of “open season” of negotiations has developed.

Many people, politicians and all sorts of people have tried to negotiate with the “Deep State.” They ran out of the country to talk with the demons, to get their freedom.

But they did not understand two simple things:

  1. “The Deep State” was not revealed by me. It had been highlighted by many others. Since 1945, the “Deep State” has not negotiated. “It steps on the head”, “beheads”, arrests, kills the national fiber, disunites, destroys destinies. That’s what it knows to do.
  2. Neither me nor any military has negotiated, negotiates or will negotiate. When a soldier is under fire or when subjected to terrorist weapons and threats, he does not negotiate.

Certain politicians have forgotten principles and courage, leaving themselves in the anacondian grids of Coldea SRL and PFA Kovesi.
Under the pork rind and the boiled plum brandy, the microphones and handcuffs were well placed.

I was in preventive arrest in the most draconian conditions 13 months of life. Nothing, besides the torment of those who endured torture in the 1950s.
I think the Romanians do not negotiate either freedom or pride.
The national interest and the freedom of large Romania are not negotiated. They come from the good God.

What would the senior have said about the “Deep State” today?
What would the senior have said about Coldea and Kovesi today?

Ask yourself!
It’s time to answer in his name!


This post is also available in: roRomână (Romanian) enEnglish